Welcome to Huana School and the Zero to Hero Foundation  
2017- 2023

Kone Centemial Foundation Visit to Huana

From October 2nd to October 6th, Wenwen and Carina from the Kone Centennial Foundation (KCF) visited our Zero to Hero (Z2H) Team. During their visit, they participated in various activities in Huana Village, Nayom Subdistrict, Phetchabun Province, Thailand. Z2H aims to gain a deeper understanding of community issues through the KCF visit and foster collaboration between KCF, Z2H, local schools, the village, and organizations in Nayom. This collaboration is aimed at furthering the development of children in the community.

KCF Finland - Kone Thailand

Our special thanks to KCF Finland and Kone Thailand for their continued support of Zero to Hero

Thank You !

Thank you to everyone for working together in support of Zero to Hero in our village.

Sweet old lady

She told the Monk "God bless Kone".

Happy Baby Club

The children always have  fun and enjoyment in the Baby Club

Team Building for Zero to Hero Foundation

We have regular team-building sessions. Together, we go from strength to strength to build a brighter future for the students.

The Big Farm in Phetchabun suppot us.

One of the leading businesses in Phetchabun Province, the Big Farm, has donates to our foundation to be used for Huana School. It is meant to buy sand, books, and material for Active Learning.

Students presentation to KCF

Great experience for our students to meet representatives of KCF Finlanfd and present them with cards made by the children.

Team Zero-to-Hero

Our Z2H Team strengthened with a Government teacher Ku Ann. Ku Ann is responsible for running the Preschool in Huana.
In front from left: Ja-oh and Om-am. In middle Tuk and Mam. Behind Jin and Ann.

Taking children for outside activities

The children enjoy taking part in outside activities and learning beyond the classroom in the real world.

Ku Khai, a new member of the team. 

Huana School has grown strongly lately resulting in the School getting four new teachers. One of them is Ku Khai, who is very good at motivating students. He will be responsible for implementing Active Learning together with Ja-oh.

Kone Thailand present donation to Huana School

A kind donation from Kone Thailand to fund the purchase of a new large TV for  the P1 class. So nice to have a kind donation that all our students can enjoy and benefit from.

Kone Centennial Foundation continues to support the Zero to Hero Foundation.

Our main contributor, the Finnish Kone, continues to support us with a major contribution. Thank's to Kone we have been able to finance our Huana Pilot Project. They also provide us with their valuable experiences from similar charity projects around the world.
Thank You, Kone Centennial Foundation.
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